CODAGE Announce their Collaboration to Produce a New Luxurious Hotel Amenity Line

CODAGE Announce their Collaboration to Produce a New Luxurious Hotel Amenity Line

Founded in Paris in 2010 by siblings Julien & Amandine Azencott, CODAGE’s innovative approach to beauty is built around the idea that every skin is unique and deserves its own special treatment.

Heirs of a long tradition of French pharmacy, they revolutionised conventional pharmacy and took it to a whole new level by offering customers a bespoke beauty experience to best respond to each individual person's skin care needs.

In their own words: “We’re French creators. The sensuality of the textures and refinement of our formulations matter to us. We cultivate effectiveness with style. Each individual’s beauty is unique. Everyone deserves their own formula, their own solution, their own CODAGE”.

CODAGE has galvanized this expertise to create a bespoke amenity line for Groupe GM. Through their exclusive formulas and “haute couture” product lines, they have rapidly managed to forge a unique reputation in the cosmetic field - an excellence that will also be mirrored in this new collaboration.

“We are thrilled to be working with such an iconic brand”, commented Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM. “This new amenities line is a perfect fit, offering both excellence and personality. Thanks to CODAGE’s skincare expertise, we will be able to offer hotel guests the ultimate in both luxury and well-being”.

The CODAGE amenities range will include a wide variety of products with a luxurious design and will feature four 40ml pipette-esque bottles containing Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner and a Body Lotion, enriched with almond oil and shea butter. The products are all formulated with CODAGE fragrance and feature aloe vera.

Bath salts (40g) and two soaps, one 30g an exfoliating one available in 50g, complement this sumptuous amenities line. 

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