T-Y Group


Who is T-Y Group?

T-Y Group is a leading manufacturer to the hospitality industry worldwide.  For over 30 years we have been redefining the hotel guest experience by providing our clients with the highest quality linens, robes, towels as well as luxury personal care amenities. Our stylish and sophisticated products are currently found in leading hotels, resorts, cruise lines, casinos, country clubs and spas around the world. 

What sets T-Y Group Apart?

T-Y Group understands the uniqueness of each experience.  We creatively engage every client with specific, individual designs using only the finest materials to produce our collections. Our dedicated and personalized staff will ensure that anything produced out of our 4 offices and 7 distribution centers worldwide is perfectly aligned with our clients’ vision.

Strategic Partnerships Offer a Depth of Options for your Property:

As a result of our longstanding partnership with Groupe GM, the leading international player in the guest amenity industry, T-Y Group offers clients exclusive designer lines of personal care products. As part of the Bed Bath & Beyond corporate family T-Y Group has an expansive offering of popular items found in their stores. Our affiliation with Bed Bath & Beyond also allows us to offer customers even more benefits such as; additional manufacturing capabilities, competitive freight rates, and conveniently located distribution centers.    

What can T-Y Group do for your property?

Your mission in the hospitality industry is catering to your guest’s every need.  Now let T-Y Group cater to you. Everything from par levels and consumption logistics to introducing new products into existing properties, we've got it covered.  Contact one of our account executive team members and experience the full service we provide.

T-Y Group,

Your guests will Thank you!